About us

What is GAME?

GAME is a fair and secure distributed game platform that supports the development of new games and makes it easier to trade valuable data such as items, weapons and armor in the game. Items, weapons, armors etc in the games will be distributed to the market as uniquely defined tokens on GAME Hub, enabling transactions that do not require third parties. Unlike the conventional centralized game structure, GAME creates new value for data in a game virtual space because token ownership does not belong to the game operator. The new value created in virtual space has the potential to start to have more realistic value in the future, and to create a larger economy.

GAME Architecture

Ordinal blockchain games build on Ethereum are not enough to achieve good User Experience. GAME will build own PoS based blockchain for gaming platform applications using tendermint. Realizing high thoroughput blockchain for games will significantly improve usability.

And implementing ABCI(Application BlockChain Interface) allow GAME Hub to connect Cosmos Hub which will bring various economic benefits to users in GAME.

GAME Features


Any technical updates(including changing validator numbers etc) and early bug fixs are possible with a voting system in our ecosystem.


All assets and tokens on GAME Hub will be made inter-operable by IBC(Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol in the near future.

Gaming SDK

Game developers can easily build their games on GAME using GAME SDK which will help connect to our network.


The Security of GAME Hub depends on the operators and delegators in a BFT Proof-of-Stake system.


Scalability is realized as a Layer 1 solution by using tendermint-BFT based PoS consensus algorithm in GAME Hub.

High Throughput

Based on PoS consensus algorithm, ten thousands of transaction per second will be able to reach in the future.

Road Map


Our Team

Takumi Asano

CEO & Co-founder
During researching Fintech related technologies services, he planned "MOLD" as a distributed game platform, and launched MOLD Foundation Ltd. in Singapore. In 2017, the company raised funds from all over the world and succeeded in funding about $ 30 million at the time rate. Currently, he also works as a representative of the Japan Transhumanist Association, and conducts research, development, and support for cutting-edge fields such as AI, blockchain, VR, AR, and robotics.

Toshimizu Kanou

CMO & Co-founder
He studied international business informatics at Nihon University and is fluent in Chinese and English. After graduating from university, he studied information technology and marketing while engaged in game planning and development at Shanghai Homeland Technology Co., Ltd. He is familiar with computer science, the Internet, software and hardware, and is a pioneer in the Japanese IT industry.

Hirofumi Amano

Marketing Manager
Director of Sino-Japanese Friendship Association. Graduated from Fudan University School of Law. He is the founder of block chain technology industry professional trade union and is currently consulting on Taiwan Economic and Trade Exchange Association of Bangladesh and Dengxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. He is also an anime and game enthusiast, such as participating in the comic market in Japan and China, and he has a deep understanding of game development.

Li Long

Technical advisor
A skilled engineer with over 20 years of software development experience. He has been involved in various projects such as Japanese-English translator, Internet software, smartphone application, embedded software and development of IoT related technologies. Besides engineering, he has extensive experience in marketing and sales. From 2016 he has developed the robot Xiao B using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

Gang Wang

Guangzhou Silk Road (blockchain) Stock Investment Fund Managing Director. Guangzhou Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. Founder. Mining Machine (AVALON) Hangzhou Jia Chi Xin Technology Co., Ltd. Shareholder. Through more than 20 years investment fund management experience and more than 10 years project investment experience, he is very enthusiastic and ingenious insight into the industry's dynamics and policy analysis, emphasizing the future development of the blockchain, and an important strategic investment partner of GAME team.